1. What is the return Policy?
    Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy.
  2. How to send a return request?
    Send us a return request to support@kraftkanya.com or you can contact us via our WhatsApp number 08697001002.
  3. When will the order be picked up after placing a return request?
    The order will be picked up within 5-7 days of the placement of the return request.
  4. What currency do you accept?
    As of now, we are only accepting payments in Indian currency, INR.
  5. What is the quality guarantee of the products?
    We solemnly swear our products are absolutely just the best, made and served with quality assurance. We have a record of zero returns due to quality issues till date and having an ever growing Kraftsy family.
  6. Do the t-shirts have colour bleeding or do they fade after washing?
    No, never. Again, we believe in maintaining our quality above everything else. The colours of our t-shirts do not bleed or fade away. The print is also not damaged unless ironed.
  7. Do the wall stickers have good quality glue to stick to the walls? Are they easy to peel off?
    The stickers are self-adhesive and the glue promises to stick to the walls whether or not we stick to our resolutions.
  8. Are the prints on coasters heat resistant?
    Yes, our coasters are made with acrylic color prints and are completely heat resistant. However, they are not fully washable.
  9. Can the t-shirts be ironed?
    They can only be soft ironed if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, it is best to steam and avoid ironing for the t-shirt prints to have a longer shelf-life.
  10. What is the meaning of the different gsm of your products like t-shirts?
    GSM is the thickness of our garments. While the t-shirts are made of 180 GSM bio-washable cotton, the hoodies and sweatshirts are of 330 GSM.
  11. What is the paper quality and type of wedding cards? (Gsm, glossy or matte)
    Wedding cards are printed on matte finish premium texture board paper. We also have an option for non-texture premium board colour paper. This is a premium range and the cost increases when you opt for this option.
  12. How are the graphic drawings made?
    All the graphics are curated by our very own in-house graphic designers, the entire team headed by our company’s head visual artist and partner Sanchita Banerjee. These designs are made by taking inspiration from cultural movements, movies, history, social media storms and everything that calls out to our hearts.
  13. How are refunds processed?
    Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy.
  14. Are you a size-friendly company?
    Yes, we love every single Kraftsy family member, size doesn’t even matter, we got the best of Kraftsy garments for everyone.
  15. What are your products?
    T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Coasters, Wall Stickers, Tote Bags – for now. More to come, promise!
  16. How to place bulk orders?
    Please refer to our Bulk Order FAQs.
  17. Are the prints on the products long-lasting?
    Ye bhi koi puchne waali baat hui? Anjali can forget Dev but our prints get faded? Ye ho nehi sakta, and prints get washed away? Ye hum hone nehi denge!
  18. How to know if the order has been accepted?
    You can track your order through our tracking page.
  19. How to cancel an order?
    Order can be canceled by sending us an email within five hours of order placement.
  20. Are discounts available?
    Yes, our WELCOME code is here to initiate you into our family and once you’re one of us, there is a pool of coupons to choose from.
  21. Can delivery address be changed after ordering?
    No, the delivery address is not changeable after an order has been placed and confirmed.
  22. How do I place an order online?
    You need to add them to your cart individually, then go to your cart, and finally proceed to check out, after which you can make the payment, and voila! You’re done with your order.
  23. How to order customised wedding cards?
    We’re only one call away, we’ll be there to save the wedding day! Simply give us a call on 8697001002 and we will guide you through the process of choosing and ordering customised wedding cards.
  24. What are the accepted modes of payments?
    Cards, UPI/QR, Netbanking, EMI facility, Wallet & Pay Later options are available.
  25. How to get in touch with the company?
    You can reach us by simply sending us an email at support@kraftkanya.com or, you can simply
    call or even, for the text-pros, WhatsApp us at 08697001002.
  26. How can we track our order?
    Itni si baat? Just visit our order tracking page.
  27. What is the estimated delivery time?
    We generally don’t keep family waiting more than 5-7 days. However, during festive seasons we may get held up by an extra day or two, we request you to be the loving and understanding Kraftsy family that you are!
  28. Is global shipping available?
    Yes, we go wherever you want us to! You have to purchase an item and pay for the shipping charges separately.
  29. Where is the company based?
    Praner shohor Kolkata; city of joy Kolkata!
  30. How to become a Kraftsy family member?
    Neki aur puch puch? You are just an art piece away, an order away, a call away, an artistic heartbeat away from us.