5 Best Selling Coasters in 2022

Coffee tables are great places to put coasters. You can use them to protect your furniture from spills and stains. If you have kids, they will love using these coasters in their play area. Drink condensation from coasters is prevented from leaving water stains on surfaces. You may not give this effect on your coffee table much thought since you can see it at home. But the countertops must be kept in good condition. These coasters are perfect for any room in your home or bar. Know about the 5 Best Selling Coasters in 2022.

1. Plastic Coasters

Plastic coasters are inexpensive and versatile. They are lightweight and easy to clean. Use plastic coasters to protect your tabletops from sticky fingers. Serving staff members are taught how to put away empty drink glasses. Even if it is water, never leave a drink unattended on a counter or table. In order to wash and clean the glassware before the following customer needs it for his drink, it is likely necessary to reuse it. A coaster is frequently placed on top of a drink.

2. Wooden Coasters

Wood coasters are rustic and natural. They make a great addition to any room. Use wood coasters to protect your furniture from moisture. Wooden coasters are classic pieces of decor. They are sturdy enough to hold drinks and food without getting damaged. Use wooden coasters to keep your drink cool while enjoying a warm summer day.

3. Glass Coasters

At home, you might be perplexed as to why there would be a fuss over using a coaster. But did you know that they are very helpful in bars? A coaster is frequently placed on top of a drink. The universal sign for “I’ll be right back, don’t take away my drink” is this. Glass coasters are elegant additions to your kitchen or dining room. They add a touch of class to your table setting. Place glass coasters under wine glasses to prevent scratches.

You can try placing a coaster on top of a drink. When the bar is crowded and the counter is extremely busy, it helps keep your seat if you are worried that you will lose it if you get up to wash your hands. However, there is a lot of unspoken and unwritten protocol surrounding this trick. Use common sense and polite behavior.

4. Ceramic Coasters

Ceramic coasters are beautiful and functional. They are durable and can withstand high temperatures. Use ceramic coasters to protect your table from hot dishes.

5. Metal Coasters

Metal coasters are modern and sleek. They look great in any space. Use metal coasters to protect your tabletop from hot beverages.

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