10 Crazy T-Shirt Designs You Must Have This Rainy Season

Even if we are completely charmed by the beauty of rain, thanks to the numerous songs that have been written about singing in it, nobody likes the idea of going somewhere that would be soggy. Monsoon season is lovely, but only when viewed through a window or balcony. When you step outside and are confronted by the gloomy weather that blankets the entire city, you can feel the limitations of the rainy season. But fashion can not wait, can it?

Let not the rain dampen our spirits or cause us to lose out on these little pleasures of life. Here, we shall talk about T-shirt designs which will make you look stunning and refreshing. Given the undeniable truth that monsoons are wet seasons when everything around us becomes incredibly sloppy, we must be really specific and careful about the clothing and makeup we choose in order to complement it properly.

Speaking about attire, it goes without saying that short shorts and sundresses are useless in the rainy season. However, despite the fact that it will no longer be sunny, the heat and humidity might still cause excessive perspiration. It is essential to spend money on breathable textiles that can keep you dry and cool in such climatic conditions. Confused? Never be! It might be very challenging to select textiles that are ideal for the rainy season.

Without a doubt, cotton is the most excellent material for monsoons. It dries rapidly, is airy, and light. Natural materials with minimal absorbencies, such as cotton and mulmul, are typically suitable for use during the rainy season. You might wear a cotton t-shirt with denim shorts or a colourful kurta with leggings. KraftKanya is here to help you sort through the dreary weather with a collection of quirky T-shirts best suited for Bongs and those they love.

Amake Khuje De Jol Foring (আমাকে খুঁজে দে জল ফড়িং)

Black is, after all, our happy colour, and dragonflies heralds the monsoon. This black Tshirt has a trace of a dragonfly coupled with our very own Anupom Roy’s lyrics “আমাকে খুঁজে দে জল ফড়িং”. The T-shirt is charmed enough with bong pixie dust that you can hear  Silajit Majumder the moment you lay an eye on it.

Jawtoi dao, Tawtoi chai

We bongs can NEVER have enough. From mangoes to macch to money, our Diduns have always aided all our wishes and we never really grew out of it. Who can ever have enough money or Trinca’s caramel pudding? This “Jawtoi dao, Tawtoi chai” emulates this exact sentiment.

Ami Aajkal Bhalo Acchi

Monsoon is the time for love. Everything appears a tab bit more romantic. But this year, let us turn that love towards ourselves with this classic white cotton Tee which reaffirms that all is good, and I am in fact, better.

Dariye Acho

Our Kobi guru is a monumental pillar in shifting through our daily emotions. This minimalist Tshirt with one of his quintessential lyrics sits right besides us on days that are gloomy and all we can do is yearn.

Jibonta Koila Hoi Gelo

Tshirt specifically designed for the nihilists and those from the South. Behala people, we’re looking at you. Your life may be underwater, but hey at least you got a style.

Mathai Nosto

Philosophy and payesh is what Bengalis trive on. Sometimes we need a visual reminder of the monsoon hopelessness. This cotton Tshirt with a very tired Tom is the most suitable to wear

Bichar Korbo

We deserve some serious luck in our hands when we play to go out during the Monsoon. For, somehow every time you want to go out, it starts to rain. This shirt seeking good justice is what you need. Hey, it is cotton, maybe dab those tears away.

Bhobisot Not Found

We bongs are just quirky, when the impending doom of going out on water-logged roads this Shirt asking about seeing no future might be the one for you.

Ami Mache Bhate Bangali

Sweet monsoon, no matter how salty it makes you feel, brings with her fresh Ilish. You can take a Bong out of Bengal, but you can’t take Bengal out of a Bong. This T-shirt perhaps sums up THAT Bong feeling.